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I know a family where the very young son learnt a major Hamlet speech – children definitely can soak Shakespeare up, love his work and benefit increasingly as they understand more and more the layers there to be discovered through life.

How To Teach Your Children Shakespeare | Folger SHAKESPEARE LIBRARY

Sir Derek Jacobi in Twelfth Night – who, along with Richard Clifford and Frances Barber, made special recordings of passages from the book. Photo by Geraint Lewis.

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shakespeare's birthday drink

William Shakespeare’s baptism is recorded as 26th April, 1564 and his death as 23rd April, 1616 – so, as there is no official record of his birthday (likely to have been shortly before his baptism) that day of birth is now celebrated as 23rd April to give a beautiful symmetry to his life.

So: Happy Birthday, William Shakespeare!

Shakespeare’s England’s Sonnet for the Bard’s Day

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A place for Shakespeare

How Shakespeare gains and retains hearts.

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Seems the phrase ‘break a leg’ to wish actors well, instead of ‘good luck’, may have Shakespearean connections!


(Title quote – Dancer in Henry IV, Pt. II; Act V, Sc. v)

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A Midsummer Night's Dream - Henry Fuseli

Consideration of Shakespeare being taught in modern translation . . .

Bless Thee! Thou art translated!

Consideration of the importance of plot vs. language . . .

The most important element in Shakespeare’s plays is…

Title quote: Quince, A Midsummer Night’s Dream (III;i)

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There is now a lot of information available from the Ask Shakespeare event on Twitter (2nd Feb. 2011), where international experts (scholars and performers) answered Shakespeare-related questions.

For now, you can find this here:


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