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Blogging Shakespeare is “a digital experiment of the Education Team at the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust [whose] desire is to incite thought provoking conversation and foster community around the greatest writer in human history.”

This is a site well worth visiting, with regular updates, and here is a post which includes this interesting tip from Sir Patrick Stewart:

‘On film you act thought; on stage you act feeling.’


Stewart is returning to the RSC with Rupert Gould’s The Merchant of Venice, playing Shylock for his fifth time!

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Have been looking forward massively to this Ask Shakespeare day, and now have been ill and unable to participate properly.

Ah well – tweets can be seen to your right.

This is an event currently ongoing at Twitter, 2nd Feb. only – read more here:


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Dancing for Joy!Incredibly exciting news here, so I’m mentioning it even before I can go into any detail about my own involvement – that’s how exciting this is!

On 2nd February 2011 (yes, next month) Shakespeare organisations, enthusiasts, scholars and professionals worldwide will join together on the AskShakespeare panel, ready to answer your Shakespeare questions.

Find out how this works at bloggingshakespeare.com/askshakespeare and check back for further information here.

O wonderful, wonderful, most wonderful wonderful, and yet again wonderful, and after that, out of all whooping!

Celia enjoying a spot of teasing anticipation-building in As You Like It (Act 3; Sc. 2), but I’m afraid I simply had to “speak apace”!

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