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NOT by William Shakespeare

I have created a Discover Fine Acting Pinterest board called NOT by William Shakespeare for those pesky, misattributed sayings so popular on the site.

Check out what people think could be the bard – sometimes you just have to wonder !?!?!?!?!?!!

NOT by William Shakespeare!

On the board you will find links for checking if something really is by Shakespeare and for finding many of the true authors of the misattributed sayings.

What have you come across that is supposed to be by Shakespeare and isn’t? There’s an awful lot on Twitter too…

Comment below!

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I am seeing so many quotes misattributed to Shakespeare (and others), it is driving me up the wall!

So here’s an excellent site…

Not By Shakespeare

And remember – check for a source: if it’s Shakespeare, you will be able to find out where it is written.

Open Source Shakespeare is an excellent search resource, so use that and other search techniques to make sure you…

Ball crashing through brick wall

Don’t say it’s Shakespeare when it isn’t!

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