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Shakespeare comes to a cinema near you!

Shakespeare comes to a cinema near you!

Sharing my joy at all the screened Shakespeare (with some fine actors and directors) coming up, here are a few links to check out:-

And there’s a ‘digital theatre project’ to explore as well, presented by the RSC and Google+… Midsummer Night’s Dreaming.

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Continuing the theatre/film connections of the previous post, here are three productions from The Globe Theatre scheduled for cinema showings nationwide, including at a few venues in Scotland…

All the world’s a cinema | The Shakespeare blog

As I’ve booked for Edinburgh, I can tell you these dates for the Cameo, all showings at 1pm:

26th September – All’s Well That Ends Well

10th October – Much Ado About Nothing

24th October – Doctor Faustus (by Christopher Marlowe)

Be sure to let me know if you’ll be there too!

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Sharing theatre – including Shakespeare – with someone who is still very young can be fantastic, and it looks as though the Stratford Shakespeare Festival, in its 60th season, is offering some particular highlights for younger viewers:-

What I’ll be taking my four-year-old to this season! « Beyond the Footlights: Stratford Shakespeare Festival Insights.

And a whole lot more for older viewers, too – oh, to be Stratford, Ontario way!

If you are, make the most of it:-



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Much Ado About Nothing - Facebook PerformanceLack of info for a bit is due to touring, incl. abroad, but the occasional post is now possible.

So here’s a quick link to an interesting event currently being ‘performed’ on Facebook:


This is a modern Much Ado About Nothing as seen via Facebook updates from the characters, and is available via this link to non-Facebook members too.


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