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I know a family where the very young son learnt a major Hamlet speech – children definitely can soak Shakespeare up, love his work and benefit increasingly as they understand more and more the layers there to be discovered through life.

How To Teach Your Children Shakespeare | Folger SHAKESPEARE LIBRARY

Sir Derek Jacobi in Twelfth Night – who, along with Richard Clifford and Frances Barber, made special recordings of passages from the book. Photo by Geraint Lewis.

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Magic Shakespeare Book

A brilliant post showing that, yes, children CAN engage with Shakespeare…

Fighting With Truth « Folger SHAKESPEARE LIBRARY

For those not familiar with US schooling, children in 6th Grade are about 11 years old at the start of the academic year.

What experience of Shakespeare did YOU have at school? Anything you’d want done differently?

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A beautiful account of Shakespeare inspiration for teenagers working on Macbeth…

Singing in the Rain « Folger SHAKESPEARE LIBRARY

I particularly ‘liked’: “The boys playing Macbeth took their work home”. 😉

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Some Shakespeare-inspired books for summer reading…

Why, what read you there? « Folger SHAKESPEARE LIBRARY

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Can’t believe I missed this!

But can still catch up…

Sweets to the Tweets: Farewell. « Folger SHAKESPEARE LIBRARY

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Be grand to read more comments on this – come on, join in! 😀

Is It Harder To Act Shakespeare? Folger Theatre presented the first of its four matinee performances of The Comedy of Errors for students today.  As we have in the past, students were invited to participate in a talk-back with the actors following the performance.  One of the students asked the cast whether or not it was har … Read More


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