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shakespeare's birthday drink

William Shakespeare’s baptism is recorded as 26th April, 1564 and his death as 23rd April, 1616 – so, as there is no official record of his birthday (likely to have been shortly before his baptism) that day of birth is now celebrated as 23rd April to give a beautiful symmetry to his life.

So: Happy Birthday, William Shakespeare!

Shakespeare’s England’s Sonnet for the Bard’s Day

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So, the Twelve Days of Christmas may be over, but there’s always time to enjoy Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night! Oh, and if you are London way, there are the annual Twelfth Night celebrations on Bankside, near The Globe, and for 2012 they take place on 8th January:-

Twelfth Night Festivities - The Holly Man wassails the Thames


Now – for enjoying Shakespeare’s play anywhere, at any time, here is an illustrated article with information, entertainment (yes that does include video, Dame Judi Dench and The Animated Tales!) and helpful links:-



The Countess Olivia by Edmund Blair Leighton (1853-1922)

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