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At this time I am working on a series called ‘Making Friends with Shakespeare’, designed to help with thoughts that re-occur in Shakespeare’s work:-

“One of the many marvellous things to enjoy in Shakespeare’s plays is that a lot of ideas keep turning up to greet you. You may need a little helpful introduction on the first encounter, but at the next meeting there will be that lovely jolt of recognition. After that, you can enjoy the comfort of increasing familiarity right alongside the thrill of further exploration and deepening insight.

Discover Fine Acting’s ‘Making Friends’ series provides those helpful introductions: before long, you’ll be greeting once strange and distant concepts with open arms, gleefully announcing how well you know them.”

If there is a particular concept you feel could benefit from such an introduction, be sure to tell me. What tasks your thoughts?


“We would be resolved … of some things of weight that task our thoughts”

Henry V in (surprise, surprise!) Henry V – Act 1; Sc.2

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