@HollowCrownFans tweeted that “Today’s #ShakespeareSunday theme has been chosen by @Carnival_Films to mark 5 years of #TheHollowCrown! – POWER, DEFIANCE & SURVIVAL!”

I was delighted to find all three clear in this quote from the play Coriolanus, spoken by tribune Sicinius Velutus, an enemy of the general Coriolanus…

Coriolanus [III, 3] Sicinius Velutus: What you have seen him do and heard him speak, Beating your officers, cursing yourselves, Opposing laws with strokes and here defying Those whose great power must try him; even this, So criminal and in such capital kind, Deserves the extremest death.

It is clear the politicians know how to influence the people – whether it is to their own good or not you / a production can explore.

How do I know how many times certain words turn up in Shakespeare’s works?

I use opensourceshakespeare.org –  great resource!

I created this for @HollowCrownFans‘ great #ShakespeareSunday tweets – check them out and join in! Today’s word is ‘father’ – probably for Fathers Day, so this may not be quite in the spirit of such celebrations, but hey… it is Shakespeare!

Want to know the other times ‘father’ occurs in Macbeth? Search at opensourceshakespeare.org – great resource.

Father - Macbeth - 18th June 2017, Shakespeare Sunday

So, this Saturday – 23rd April – sees the 400th Anniversary of Shakespeare’s death. You may have seen some signs of this about. 😉

Here you can listen to some major talent talking about his characters:
Shakespeare’s People – BBC Radio 4, Front Row


Just a few of the actors, directors and writers who give their personal take on a favourite Shakespeare character 




Studying Shakespeare is made overly complicated by assuming that it is too difficult to understand, Professor David Crystal says…

How Shakespeare invented ‘unfriend’ 400 years before Facebook – Telegraph.

How Shakespeare invented 'unfriend' 400 years before Facebook - Telegraph

From ‘s article in The Guardian, 1st May 2015:

Rice will follow Mark Rylance and Dominic Dromgoole in top job at the theatre when she takes over in April 2016

The job description demanded “visionary and charismatic leadership”, the ability to “command respect and loyalty”, the confidence to take risks and – oh yes – “a knowledge and love of the work of Shakespeare and his contemporaries”.

Four months after the role was advertised, Emma Rice has been named as the next artistic director of Shakespeare’s Globe in London.

Rice, who is currently…

FULL ARTICLE:  Shakespeare’s Globe appoints Emma Rice as new artistic director | Stage | The Guardian.

Photograph: Linda Nylind - Emma Rice in 2012

‘I will take custody of this incredible organisation with an open heart, fierce passion and excited mind’  Photograph: Linda Nylind – Emma Rice in 2012


Bronze statue of a Greek actor in female dress

Bronze statue of a Greek actor in female dress

Greek Tragedy seems to be in the air!

Having just played Clytemnestra in a modern adaptation, ‘A Winter’s Oresteia’, I was delighted to see this article about the multitude of Greek plays currently being produced, which also points out that these ancient pieces provide actresses with strong roles…

Shakespeare and the Greeks | The Shakespeare blog

David Tennant in RSC’s Richard II – what do you think? You can watch, learn and add your comments on this site…

Video – RSC Richard II production with David Tennant | Players-Shakespeare.com

David Tennant as Richard II - image links to production photos: http://www.rsc.org.uk/whats-on/richard-ii/production-photos.aspx

David Tennant as Richard II – image links to production photos