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Love to see such evidence of how well younger kids can take to Shakespeare – get them while they are still sponges, before the fear has set in, and they are able to not only cope, but truly enjoy and set themselves up for life!


During a particularly bad Idaho winter in 1996, my 10 year old niece visited me for the weekend.  She accompanied me to a meeting of my Shakespearean troupe, Stage of Fools.  Only one other brave soul dared to trek through the snow to rehearse that day, so we abandoned our show and read a scene that allowed my niece to play along.  We chose the Lady Macduff murder scene…what 10 year old doesn’t love to die a dramatic death?

We started our exploration of the text by reading through the scene.  I was amazed at how quickly she picked up the language.  There were only a few words that she needed help defining, and after the second reading, she fully understood the action of the scene.  This is when the fun began…we got the scene up on its feet.  With every reading, she became more and more animated and died…

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Shakespeare In Action


Shakespeare in Action’s Sonnets by Kids for Valentine’s Day is back!

Want to be the sweetest person on the block? 

Give the gift of poetry and let the Bard do the talking!

Here’s the scoop:

  • Visit our website – http://www.shakespeareinaction.org/sonnets-by-kids
  • Pick a sonnet – 29 (more romantic) or 104 (more friendly)
  • Purchase the sonnet for your loved one.  It’s just $25.
  • On Valentine’s Day, between 4:30pm and 6:30pm EST, a talented Shakespeare Kid will call your lucky Valentine and recite the sonnet with a heart full of love!
  • A Shakespeare Kid will also sign and mail a personalized copy of the sonnet for your Valentine!

All proceeds go to Shakespeare in Action’s educational programs, including a free readers’ theatre program for kids across the GTA, which has served over 4000 children.  Most of our Shakespeare Kids are “graduates” of this program!

Sonnets are available in Canada, the US…

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It was strange to read this after just having watching the Green Lantern film – there was a fair amount of heavy-handed ‘hero’ stuff in that, though entertaining enough, so interesting to see these Shakespearean ways of saying ‘at least I’ll go down fighting’. And the mention of ‘will’ is particularly pertinent, given that the Green Lanterns’ power comes from this and is used to combat fear.

Of course, ‘will’ is often a pun for Shakespeare on his own name – and a sexual one at that. Interesting, indeed…

Shakespeare In Action

“Fight till the last gasp” ~ This phrase, commonly used today, was coined by Shakespeare in the history play Henry VI Part I.


My lord, where are you? what devise you on?                                                        Shall we give over Orleans, or no?

Joan la Pucelle:                     

Why, no, I say, distrustful recreants!
Fight till the last gasp; I will be your guard.

Charles, King of France:     

What she says I’ll confirm: we’ll fight it out.

Joan la Pucelle:                      

Assign’d am I to be the English scourge.     (1)  …

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Bear Gardens, London - cropped

photo credit: iamashbash via photopin cc

Ah, entertainment! At least game and reality shows make sure it’s ourselves we are baiting nowadays.

Exit, pursued by a bear? Bear-baiting in Shakespeare’s London | The Shakespeare blog

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Brilliant to read this post and know how much Shakespeare can engage pupils…

No Substitute for Shakespeare | Blogging Shakespeare

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NOT by William Shakespeare

I have created a Discover Fine Acting Pinterest board called NOT by William Shakespeare for those pesky, misattributed sayings so popular on the site.

Check out what people think could be the bard – sometimes you just have to wonder !?!?!?!?!?!!

NOT by William Shakespeare!

On the board you will find links for checking if something really is by Shakespeare and for finding many of the true authors of the misattributed sayings.

What have you come across that is supposed to be by Shakespeare and isn’t? There’s an awful lot on Twitter too…

Comment below!

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three kings

Today is Three Kings Day, the last of the Twelve Days of Christmas.

Here is an article about Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, with mention of traditional festivities, and here you can find info on today’s celebrations…

TRADITIONS: The tradition of Three Kings Day

So, while it is time to take down decorations (if you haven’t yet), there are still celebrations to be had…


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I am seeing so many quotes misattributed to Shakespeare (and others), it is driving me up the wall!

So here’s an excellent site…

Not By Shakespeare

And remember – check for a source: if it’s Shakespeare, you will be able to find out where it is written.

Open Source Shakespeare is an excellent search resource, so use that and other search techniques to make sure you…

Ball crashing through brick wall

Don’t say it’s Shakespeare when it isn’t!

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