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  2. Prefaces to Shakespeare: documentaries detailing the stories behind some of Shakespeare’s best loved plays, presented by David Tennant, Sir Derek Jacobi, Joely Richardson, Ethan Hawke, Jeremy Irons and Vanessa Redgrave. 

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  4. Alan Cumming and John Tiffany on the National Theatre of Scotland’s first Shakespeare: Macbeth – at Tramway Glasgow, 13th to 30th June – before touring…
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  6. Pursued by a Bear provides video explorations of Shakespeare, with a young(ish) perspective. Here’s a look at one of the few battle scenes that are actually on stage: the Battle of Shrewsbury from Henry IV, Pt. 1…
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  8. Love Mark Twain’s brilliant Shakespeare soliloquy here – how many plays can you spot in the mix?

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Absolutely love Twain’s Shakespeare soliloquy quoted here:

Bardfilm: Shakespeare in Huckleberry Finn

How many plays can you spot in the mix?

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  1. Love the build up here, with just a few of Shakespeare’s magnificent characters converging within modern London.
    Which ones do you recognise?
    The British Museum Press has released several publications to compliment the exhibition – here’s a review of one of them…

  2. Soon to be on dvd…

  3. Ralph Fiennes’ Coriolanus, starring Fiennes along with Vanessa Redgrave and Gerard Butler, is due for Europe-wide dvd release on the 4th of June.

    Here’s a review with which DF is very much in accord…
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  5. There are a few places to find Shakespeare misquotes, but here’s just one site – have you ever heard the No. 6 misquote on this list?
  6. How Shakespeare does it

  7. A blogger’s view on how it is that Shakespeare gains and retains a place in people’s hearts…

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A place for Shakespeare

How Shakespeare gains and retains hearts.

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Check out the Shakespeare section!

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  3. Why the world needs Val Kilmer…

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Shakespeare In Action

Isn’t it just one of those days that you wish people will randomly break out in song? Better yet, in Shakespeare related song?

You are probably aware of Shakespeare’s legacy on Broadway. Where would “West Side Story” be without Romeo and Juliet? And Cole Porter would be at a loss without Taming of the Shrew inspiring “Kiss Me Kate!” But the Bard has had his lines slipped more subtly into another great Broadway hit, in fact one of the most successful Broadway hits: “The Lion King”.

I was listening to “The Lion King” the other day and (not) singing along to my favourite song “The Madness of King Scar”. Of course there is the nod to Hamlet in Scar’s lament:

“Nobody loved me, there’s the rub, not even as a cub”

but Tim Rice also managed to slip a little bit of KingLear into the song that I hadn’t noticed…

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